If you’re required to use the older 150mm PQ Kit™ column and cannot use the 75mm HSQ Kit™ column, you can adjust the parameters in the Excel spreadsheet shown here:

Change Flow Rate = 1 mL/minute
Change Expected Retention Times/Run Times = 4x longer than in the Excel sheet to compensate for lower flow rate (see above) and longer column length. You can simply adjust the Excel sheet cells for this.
Change Injection Volume: Increase from 8uL to 12uL to compensate for larger peaks.
Change Gradient Test: If you have an older system with large dwell volume, you may want to change the steps in the gradient from 5 minute steps to 10 minute steps.

All other test parameters and results are not affected by this and remain the same between both kits.

Using the 75mm column is recommended when possible as it will save you 75% of the time to run these tests.

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