Yes, the MicroSolv HSQ™ and PQ™ kits can be used with any type of HPLC instrument or data system the instrument may have.

NOTE: Waters Corporation offers a somewhat similar performance qualification kit to the MicroSolv kits that is designed to run automatically with and under Empower™, automating the entire process.  The MicroSolv performance qualification kits will not operate under the control of Empower™, so you cannot simply run our materials in lieu of the Waters PQ kit materials.

It is important to note that however, the MicroSolv performance qualification kits are much more comprehensive than the Waters kit in the wide range of information that is gathered for the qualification of an HPLC. Also, you could use Empower™ to integrate the chromatographic results generated by our kits and enter the data into the Excel software included in the MicroSolv kits.