The difference between the HSQ Kit™ and the PQ Kit™ is mostly speed of completing a qualification.

HSQ is an acronym for High Speed Qualification. The HSQ Kit™ is supplied with a different, shorter PQ HPLC column. It is still certified but it is shorter and the run times are much shorter. The time to do the exact same qualification now only takes ¼ the time the PQ Kit™ did. The PQ Kit™ was very fast but our scientists have thoroughly tested the kit with new column and have completely validated all procedures.

Also, the HSQ Kit™ has a different Resolution Test Mixture to better determine the system extra column volume for highly efficient instruments. This extra peak is not required but may be preferred.

Another difference is the “Operating Instructions” or the “User Manual” is greatly consolidated for ease of use. We call it the Quick Start Instructions. In all HSQ Kits, the CD is supplied with both the new Quick Start Instructions and the previous PQ Kit Instruction Manual which has a lot of reference information. Of course, the unlimited technical support is the same for both kits.

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