It is reported that HILIC Columns can be less Robust than traditional Reversed Phase (RP) Columns. 

For column robustness or ruggedness, this is partly due to the fact that the silica surface can be contaminated and is hard to clean. In other cases, the bonded group is not very robust and is susceptible to being cleaved from the surface in some mobile phases used for HILIC retention. 

Columns designed for use in Aqueous Normal Phase (ANP) are more robust if used properly and can be readily cleaned using a variety of techniques. The bonded groups cannot be cleaved off. They are bonded with silicon – carbon bonds.

For method robustness, HILIC columns are reported to require long equilibration times due to formation of the adsorbed water layer on the stationary phase surface. This can affect method robustness if the column is not fully equilibrated before starting the injections. Here Cogent TYPE-C Silica™ columns’ water layer is not involved and no effect and do not require a long equilibration for method robustness.

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