The plastic coating of the safety coated mobile phase reservoir bottle is not compatible with dry heat in excess of 110 °C, an open flame or other direct heat source, use on hot plates, autoclaving above 121 °C, or temperatures below -20 °C.

However, it is compatible with use in dishwashers or microwaves, provided that the conditions used are within the guidelines discussed here. Marking and labeling the bottles will not damage the bottles and is compatible.

Please Note: The plastic coating for mobile phase reservoir bottles is not designed for use with increased pressure in the bottles nor is it designed to prevent the bottle from breaking if dropped. The intent of the bottles is to prevent chards of glass from becoming a safety issue and to prevent the solvents from spilling onto the surface from which is was dropped. It is more of a containment system if the bottle is dropped and the glass is broken inside the plastic.

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