Our 10L (10,000ml) safety coated solvent reservoir or mobile phase storage bottles have the following specifications:

Material:                   Borosilicate Glass Code 7740
Safety Coating:        Proprietary epoxy plastic
Capacity:                  10,000 mL
Bottle Style:              Storage
Neck Style:               Wide Mouth
Top Style:                 Threaded
Cap Style:                 Plug Seal
Cap Material:            Polypropylene
Bottle Shape:           Cylindrical
Cap Color:                Orange
Thread Finish:          45 GL
Graduation Range:  2000-9000 mL (approx)
Graduation Interval: 1000 mL (approx)
Bottle Feature:         Graduated
Feature:                   Reusable
Height:                     410 mm (approx)
Outer Diameter:       234 mm (approx)

Note: Bottles larger than 2L should NOT be used with bottle top filter units, or in other applications involving vacuum pressure, as breakage may occur. DO NOT tighten caps immediately after autoclaving as the vacuum resulting from cooling can cause breakage. A vented cap is NOT recommended for use on the 10L bottle for venting during autoclaving.

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