Many scientists use a very common 300µL plastic (polypropylene) vial for chromatography (HPLC) when they have compounds that stick to glass.

With the advancement of LCMS, HILIC and Aqueous Normal Phase ANP chromatography these vials are not useable because they produce spurious peaks with organic solvents. The extracted peaks are from common chemicals used to make these vials at a low cost. The peaks shown below in the LCMS traces are from injection mold release agents, clarifiers and antioxidants are added to manufacturing process.

The AQ™ brand (Advanced Quality) LCMS compatible vials, both screw top and snap top, are made from a proprietary blend of virgin polypropylene that cannot be made with the same speed as our process does not include mold release agents, clarifiers or antioxidants. The higher cost of production is due to slow speed of production but the resulting product is much cleaner than others and can be used confidently with LCMS and HPLC solvents.