Separation by Functional Groups

Two proprietary compounds, which are precursors for a catalyst or Prodrugs are analyzed using a C18 Column under Normal Phase conditions. Separation of the two compounds is extremely reproducible (%RSD 0.1) and is very easy. The amount of moisture in your Mobile Phase is not an issue with this Method.

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Method Conditions
Column: Cogent Bidentate C18™, 4µm, 100Å
Catalog No.: 40018-75P
Dimensions: 4.6 x 75mm
Mobile Phase: 95% Hexane / 5% Ethyl Acetate
Injection vol.: 1µL
Flow rate: 1mL / minute
Detection: Mass Spectrometer – Atmospheric Pressure Chemical Ionization in positive mode: APCI+ Single Ion Monitoring
Sample Preparation: 1mg / mL of proprietary compound. 1 (m/z 324) and 2 (m/z 228) dissolved in the Mobile Phase.

Notes: Because silanols on the Silica surface are substituted with Si-H, Water is not retained by the Stationary Phase, so drying of all the Solvents is not essential and analyses are very reproducible.


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