A master batch is a production term for a technique used to assure consistency in the stationary phase performance from column to column, month to month and year to year.

When MicroSolv manufactures the stationary phase used in Cogent TYPE-C™ silica HPLC columns, the material undergoes stringent testing including but not limited to FTIR, carbon loading and HPLC selectivity testing to assure that the product meets our QA requirements. Physical properties as well as chemical and chromatographic criteria must be met.

This “batch” or lot, if approved, will be blended into previously approved production batches by processes that makes the new material homogeneous the same as the previous batch and columns. The ratio is never less than 1:1 by volume and weight thus assuring that the material is consistent with previous batches. 

This technique leaves one master batch from which material is taken for column packing and eventual commercial products which will assure the performance from year to year. It relieves laboratories from concern regarding inconsistencies in the columns and allows them to feel confident to create an SOP around the Cogent TYPE-C columns.

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