Steps to manually re-scale the Y-axis in the PQ Kit template

Note, Residual graphs are not automatically set to scale of the data entered.  As such, the Y-axis default settings may be out of ratio for the data values entered.  By manually re-scaling the Y-axis, it will reflect your values for a more effective visual ratio.  

Please use the following instructions to format and scale the Y-axis of graphs in the MicroSolv HPLC PQ Kit Excel template :

  1. In the detector linearity tab of the PQ RID spreadsheet, right click on the detector linearity residual graph.

  2. This will open a tab of options.  Click “Format Plot Area.”

  3. This opens a new grey tab to the right of the screen, labeled, “Format Plot Area.”  Click the blue arrow next to the “Plot Area Options.”

  4.  Next, click the ‘Graph’ icon.

  5. This will open a list under “Plot Area Options.” click the “Vertical (Value) Axis” option.

  6. This will open a tab to “Axis Options.” Then Check “Reset” on both the Minimum and Maximum Bounds.

  7. Then check “Reset” on both the Major and Minor Units.

  8. Your new graph should now be to scale and display all data points.