I am planning on packing my own small HPLC columns with the 3 cm, 2.1mm ID, PEEK column hardware set.  I was looking for a slurry reservoir that would be compatible for these small column applications.  I am curious if the slurry reservoir (Cat No. 49330-SR1) would be applicable?  

Yes, it will work well.
NOTE: We always recommend that the volume of the slurry reservoir should be adapted to the volume of the column to be filled. This should have about three times the volume of the column to be filled.

What does the PEEK Slurry Reservoir 2.1mm ID column packing hardware include?   

  • The slurry reservoir consists of a column body with 4.6 mm ID and should ideally have the same length as the columns you ordered.
  • The column body which is used as reservoir will be closed on top with the standard closure end fitting (no frit of course). The reservoir and the column to be packed will be connected with an adapter rom the 4.6 mm ID body to the ¼-28 thread of the 2.1 mm column and sealed with a sealing ring.
  • The slurry reservoir comes complete with all adapters and sealing rings you need for your column packing.

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