INTERNAL Only but NOT CONFIDENTIAL: Cornerstone Scientific

Instructions for creating Super and Sub Scripts:

Two options:

1. Using the APP, insert the symbol you wish to use, Then add the number ( you will need to adjust the placement ad size of the number manually)

2. Download a 3rd party APP called symbolkeyboard-characterpad . Insert the scripts from this APP onto your label the same way you would insert an emoji.

Creating images

    • Images can be printed in black OR white.
    • Pictures or images will not show up in shades of grey.
    • Images and text may be printed next to each other in any order

Creating Symbols:

There are several standard images and symbols you can choose. To choose images:

1.  There is a 🙂 at the top and it says “symbols”

2.  In the orange line there are topics of symbols “unit’, ‘warning’ etc. Swipe on these and you will see many

3.  There is the word “album’. You can access your phone camera to print from here.

Below is the link to the Bluetooth LinkLabel™.

Picture of APP (symbolkeyboard-characterpad) :