The software is supplied on a CD that is included with the starting kit, or it can be downloaded. The license is valid for life.   

The HSQ/PQ™ template software is Excel-based, and is provided on CD with the test kit, or it can be downloaded from the MicroSolv website.  

This software never expires, and there is no additional charge for it. 

Individual laboratories will have their own SOP’s regarding data integrity and procedures for generating HPLC data. 

The test solutions can be used to perform testing on a given instrument using specific data acquisition software, e.g. Empower™ or OpenLab™, just as in regular samples.  The Excel template can be used to calculate the results, or the analyst can write custom software in Empower™ to calculate linearity, precision, etc.    

Click HERE for the latest Download HSQ/PQ Excel template software for registered users.