Using SOLVFil™ is faster and better than traditional membrane filtration

While we have never produced a formal risk assessment, we have given much consideration of risks to data integrity during the design phase and production stages. 

We have been using SOLVFil™ filters in our own laboratory for quite some time and have not seen any adulteration of data.  Our chemists that have used them find them so much better, easier, and faster to use then the historical glass filter funnels.  Since any possible issues of the SOLVFil™ filters would be the same as any membrane filtration, we do not feel the need to pursue a formal assessment.

NOTE: As well as filtering unwanted undissolved particles from the mobile phase, with proper use, SOLVFil™ will also degas your mobile phase due to the vacuum used in the operation which is an important step in making suitable mobile phases for HPLC. The mobile phase you have made will have less chance to re-adsorb oxygen from the atmosphere since you are filtering directly into a mobile phase reservoir bottle and you can quickly cap the bottle when you remove the SOLVFil.

SUGGESTION: We recommend that you assign, using a lab marker, each SOLVFil™ device to a specific mobile phase / buffer or method they are being used for as not to interchange them or cross-contaminate, which aids in extending the useful life of each device. It is reusable for the same liquid filtration until it will no longer filters or until the membrane is broken.

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