An Analysis of 8 Benzodiazepine Compounds

This isocratic method demonstrates an effective method for 8 different benzodiazepine compounds with excellent separations. Using the column in this method provides different selectivity and improved efficiency compared to a standard C18 column.


1. Oxazepam, 2. Lorazepam, 3. Nitrazepam, 4. Alprazolam
5. Clonazepam, 6. Temazepam, 7. Flunitrazepam, 8. Diazepam


Method Conditions:
Column: Cogent Biphenyl™, 3μm, 120Å
Catalog No.: 61325-10P-2
Dimensions: 2.1mm x 100mm
Mobile Phase:
Acetonitrile, DI Water, Formic Acid (37:63:0.1, v/v/v)
Flow rate: 0.3mL / minute
Injection vol.: 1μL
Column Temperature: 25° C
Detection: UV @ 254nm

Note 1:  On standard C18 columns, with the same method, typically Peaks 1 & 3 co-elute, Peaks 2 & 4 as well as Peaks 7 & 6 are not baseline resolved.

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