Use a serum finish vial with crimp caps!

While MicroSolv sells 3 types of vial closures for vials; screw thread, snap top and crimp top it is crimp caps that will provide the most effective seal when used with a serum finish vial. Crimped vials ensure the best long term seal.

Click HERE for crimp top serum finish vials ordering information and pictures. 

A calibrated, crimping tool is required for applying the crimp cap to these vials for best results as well as using the proper crimping technique which includes testing each crimp cap by trying to twist it. If it spins, it needs to be removed and replace.

**Please note Screw Top Vials will not accept either crimp or snap caps. Our snap top vials will accept any of our snap caps as well as our crimp caps and are often called snap / crimp tops in the market place.