Performing the wavelength accuracy procedure from our HSQ™ and PQ Kits™ correctly is very easy and requires very little qualification solution.

While pulling a vacuum and filling the flow cell it is possible that you may see small bubbles coming through the plastic tubing. These bubbles seem to come from the tubing connections.  Pulling solution through over and over again, waiting for them to disappear will use up time and the holmium oxide (HOX) solution. Be sure to have good solid tubing connections and pull the solution through the cell slowly and evenly. The bubbles will not dissipate on their own accord.

One just has to make sure there are no bubbles in the cell; so just pull a drop through, break the vacuum then take a spectrum.  If by chance there is a small bubble in the cell, and you get a bad spectrum then simply pull another drop through an try again.

For example: One drop of holmium oxide basically should be enough to flush a 10µL cell completely with the solution. It is very rare that an experienced user does not obtain a good quality spectrum the first time.

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