Instructions for creating Super and Sub Scripts with the LinkLabel™, Creating Images, Using Symbols

Creating SuperScripts and SubScripts.

Option One

1.  Download the MTC-Bio APP called Label Pro
2.  Click on the orange ” labelled ‘Symbol’ on the ribbon at the top of the screen
3.  Insert the symbol you wish to use, then add the number
4.  Adjust the placement and size of the number manually

Option Two

1)  Download a 3rd party APP called symbolkeyboard-characterpad .
2) Install the symbolkeyboard-characterpad keyboard;

a. Open Settings
b. Click General
c. Click Keyboard
d. Click Keyboards
e. Click Add new keyboard
f. Select “symbol” (if symbol is not an option, restart your phone and try again
g. Once you have selected symbol, you can now view this keyboard by holding the world symbol on the bottom left of your keyboard (PIC 1)
h. For easiest access, add Superscripts and Subscripts to the top of your list inside the Symbol APP (PIC 2 and 3)

PIC 1:

PIC 2:

PIC 3:

Tips for printing symbols, images and pictures

  • Images can only be printed in black OR white
  • Pictures or images will not show up in shades of grey.
  • The ‘Album” icon is used to access your phone camera
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