The validation protocol in the attachment is intended to help you document and validate the MicroSolv HPLC PQ kit Excel template used for HPLC qualifications.

The Excel file given for the latest version of the Performance Qualification is for 97-2003 Microsoft Excel Worksheet, but this is also compatible with Excel 2010. 

For operating in Excel 2010, you will have to load the “analysis tool-pak” found in Excel under “File/Options/Add-in.” You must run the add-in, then close Excel before it will work with our software. Also, you must set your security settings to “Low” to allow the macros in our software to run properly.

To set the security settings in Excel 2010, go to “File/Options/Trust Center/Macro Settings” and “Enable all Macros”.


PQ HPLC rev7 07 Validation pdf  Download File