Both vials are designed so that the maximum recovery of precious samples can be achieved without the use of vial inserts.

The difference between the two is important when different autosamplers with different types of needles are installed. The MicroSolv MRQ™ can be used with autosamplers that have side port needles such as in the Waters™ WISP© or with bottom port needles in the Alliance® and Acquity®. The Max Recovery™ vials are designed for and best used with bottom port needles such as the Waters™ Alliance, Acquity® and other brands.

Another difference is the total volume of between these vials. The MRQ vial has a total volume of 1.2ml or 1,200ul and the Max Recovery vials have 1.8ml or 1,800 total volume.

Depending on your samples, the volume you place in the vials and if you are concerned about concentration studies, the amount of different headspace in the vial after filling may impact your results.

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