1. Sample Request Task is sent to CS by Sales Rep

a. In subject clearly define the content of the request

b. Assign a due date of when this needs to be completed by

c. Select the appropriate Type : Samples Request

d. Include all information needed for the CS to properly enter a no charge sales order

i. Confirm shipping address

ii. Clearly write out part numbers

iii. Write if there needs to be a note or catalog included etc..

iv. Method of shipping example Ground, 2-day etc.

e. Where it states Related to this should be the account name (company) of the end-users company not the third party.

f. Where it states Name add all of the contacts involved.

i. Select the Magnifying glass and add as many contact records as you want. This task will show on all contact records listed.

2. CS will enter no charge Sales Order

a. attach to the task

b. update subject line to include the SO #

c. Ship.

d. If it cannot ship by due date assigned CS will let you know.

3. Once the sample was shipped CS will

a. Add the word COMPLETED to the front of the Subject of their task assigned

b. Change the status to completed

c. Create Follow up task for Sales Rep who requested the sample to be sent

i. In this task the Invoice will be attached

ii. Subject will clearly define what the task is about. For Example Follow up on Samples Shipped SO #123

iii. Keep the related to account the same as the original task specified by the sales rep requesting samples

iv. Include the same contacts as the original task specified by the sales rep

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