During manufacturing of the precision point inserts (ie. cat# 9502S-02N) we use a mandrel that produces a sharply tapered internal point at the bottom of the insert that is ideal for maximum recovery of important samples. Due to the use of the mandrel, the internal dimensions of the inserts are extremely precise from insert to insert. However, during filling, one may have to “flick” the bottom of the insert to remove bubbles that form due to surface tension of the liquid in a small space.

The conical point insert (cat# 9502S-02CP) is also tapered to a point by a mandrel, at the bottom of the insert and precise from insert to insert but the wider internal bottom minimizes bubble formation during filling making for quicker and easier filling.

Hence, selection of the appropriate insert for your application will depend on whether very low residual volume or minimization of bubble formation will take precedence in your choice of inserts.

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