Catalog # 58800-47-KT is designed for filtering mobile phase solvents to ensure removal of particulates prior to introduction to an HPLC system.

Although it has a sintered Glass Filter as part of the unit, it should be used with disposable 47 mm Membrane Filter Discs. These are sold separately and available in 0.22 µm or 0.45 µm, as well as in nylon or PTFE material. Nylon is suited for organic/aqueous systems while PTFE should be used for normal phase applications.

Apart from the Filters, a dedicated Vacuum Pump and connecting Tubing is required for use, which is not sold by MicroSolv. Be sure the Pump is designed for use with Glass Materials to prevent damage to the Glass Degasser in the event of excessive vacuum.

BASIK™ Brand Filter/Degasser Ordering Information 

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