Soft-Guard™ cap septa are used in HPLC, GC, LCMS or GCMS for autosampler vials when a quality value is desired.

Soft-Guard™ septa are made with a unique formulation of high purity silicone rubber and cast PTFE to minimize extractables often found in septa that can cause interfering peaks which lowers the quality of your data. Along with our well engineered caps, the specially formulated septa is the main reason your samples will be guarded after an injection has been made; expect low evaporation performance even after multiple injections.

The silicone rubber and PTFE used in Soft-Guard™ caps were designed to provide the right amount of resistance to autosampler needles during the injection process so that they penetrate the vial properly without damaging the septa. Too much or too little resistance to the needles can damage the septa, compromise resealing, cause needle blockage from coring of the septa material and even damage your autosampler. These septa perform even when using a wide range of needles: fine, blunt or even dull.

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