The answer is most likely yes.

The U-2D™ 96 well sample management system integrates well for most SPE, filtration, or transfer needs.  The system meets ANSI/SLAS microplate standards for on-center well spacing and footprint dimensions.  This standards conformance allows the U-2D™ 96 well plate system to seamlessly integrate with both bench top equipment as well as automation units that use these standards.  When the “Rack” is mated with the “U-2D Base”, the 350 and 500 µL plates are approximately 1.625 inches in height and the 1 mL plate is approximately 2 inches in height.   Hardware such as manifolds, vortex units, and centrifuge devices must accommodate these height clearances.  Some considerations are:

1.       For gravity-assisted elution, mating the Base is optional.
2.       You should confirm pressurized (positive or negative) manifolds are sealed properly before use.  Adjusting seal integrity by the addition or subtraction of seal adapters may be required.  Based mated to Rack is optional.
3.       For centrifuge use, the Base must be mated with the Rack.  Centrifuge RPMs are dependent on the size and weight of the SPE/Filtration plate if nested atop the U-2D™ 96 well plate so User assumes all risk if contact is made between the two plates.  There are four small recess cavities on the top of the U-2D™ 96 well plate designed to nest with subsequent Racks; however, we recommend the SPE/Filtration plate not contact the U-2D™ 96 well plate system as transfer of stress may lead to various anomalies up to and including failure.  User experimentation is required to meet safety and performance needs; however, avoid exceeding 2,500 g’s (or exceeding 3,000 RPM vortex speeds).

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