There are many examples of the Cogent™ HPLC columns used with Aqueous Normal Phase ANP methods in metabolomics research, which have been published by third-party researchers in peer-reviewed scientific journals. Two notable works are described here.

The first one, performed by Dr. Kyu Rhee and co-workers of Weill Cornell Medical College, uses the Diamond Hydride™ column to understand the pathogenic mechanism of activity of Mycobacterium tuberculosis through metabolomics profiling:

The next example, by Dr. Steven Gross and co-workers, uses untargeted metabolomics and the Cogent Diamond Hydride™ HPLC column in studying xanthine oxidoreductase inactivation in mice:

Both studies were able to detect and discover polar compounds that were only retained in the ANP mode (with the Diamond Hydride™ column). When combined with a column suitable for reversed phase analyses such as the Cogent Bidentate C18™, the TYPE-C Silica™ columns can encompass the full polarity range of compounds studied in metabolomics applications. For this reason, we offer a convenient Metabolomics Kit which includes both the Diamond Hydride™ and the Bidentate C18™ columns together.

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