Easy Method Transfer from 4µm to 2.2µm TYPE-C C18 HPLC Columns.

The Bidentate C18™ is an excellent choice for Reversed Phase Applications. In addition to the standard 4µm material, a near UHPLC 2.o™ (2.2um) Phase is also available. These 2.2µm Columns provide inherently superior Efficiency than a larger particle size. Because the same C18 ligand is used in both phases, Method transfer is an easy process due to comparable Retention Times obtained between the two phases.

These properties are explored and discussed in this Extended Application Note. A mixture consisting of Drospirenone and Ethinyl Estradiol (Ocella® tablet) was used to illustrate these advantages. In this example, the advantage of the higher efficiency is demonstrated by the presence of low-level peaks. These are more clearly defined using the 2.o Phase, thereby improving detection and Quantitation.

Download full details of this study, including Method Conditions by clicking on the link in the Attachment Section below.

1.Ethinyl Estradiol



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