The “Flanging Tool” (45099-001) or Kit (45099-002) also known as Flangy the Tool™, is designed for use with relatively soft tubing that is used with low pressure in HPLC or other laboratory applications. It can be used for FEP, ETFE, PFA, or PTFE tubing.

Since the flange is made by mechanical means and not by heat the flange is more long lasting and durable, however, the tool is not designed for tubing with high PEEK pressure formulations that must be very hard top withstand high pressure. The Flanging Tool could break or damage the pin during use if used with high pressure PEEK. There are formulations of PEEK tubing that is soft enough but that tubing is not used in HPLC and MicroSolv does not supply this tubing.

The product comes with pins of different materials (SS, polymer, and titanium). For PEEK tubing, use the titanium or SS pins because these are designed for more rigid tubing. Different size pins are also included. You would use a smaller pin than the ID of the tubing you want to flange. For example, a 0.5mm SS pin can be used to flange 1/16″ OD 0.75 mm ID PTFE tubing.

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