The MicroSolv MRQ™ vials are designed for the same autosamplers as the Waters© Total Recovery Vial. However, this is not an exact match. The Total Recovery Vial is indicated for use when the HPLC or GC autosampler has an injection needle with a side port. The MicroSolv™ MRQ vials are made for when the autosampler has an injection needle with a bottom inlet or port.

The MRQ vials hold a little more liquid and have additional headspace. Both vials have the same style Well for maximum recovery of sample, both have the exact same 12 x 32 mm outer dimensions and screw threads, that are 9-425 mm. Both vials work very well with our caps.

 Click HERE to view more details on the MRQ vials.

Below is a “rough” photograph for comparison purposes only, of both the Total Recovery Vial (TRV) and an MRQ Vial. Note that the MRQ Vial has a larger total volume and a smaller bottom well. The TRV has s longer well and terminates much lower in the vial than the MRQ.