Generally speaking, in order to protect the surface treatment of silanized glass vials, you should avoid very high ionic strength low pH solutions. Also, silanized surfaces will degrade with time and even faster in the presence of water.

Temperature limit: 200 °C (~ 292 °F).

When exposed to aqueous solutions for an extended period of time, the surface treated, RSA-Pro X™ vials will exhibit significantly improved hydrolytic stability compared to the “silanized” like RSA-Pro vials. Due to this exceptional hydrolytic stability, RSA-Pro X™ vials remain effective and stable for at least one year under standard aqueous conditions. 

We recommend RSA-Pro X™ when working with hydrophobic analytes such as most proteins, peptides, enzymes and other compounds that require long term storage and may be adsorbed by standard or RSA™ glass vials. 

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