Glufosinate, N-Acetylglufosinate, Glufosinate Propanoic Acid, Diquat  & Paraquat

Two primary metabolites of Glufosinate are N-Acetylglufosinate and Glufosinate Propanoic Acid. Due to the potentially toxic nature of these Herbicides, analysis of their metabolites in a variety of sample matrices may be required. However, all three compounds are quite Polar and therefore difficult to retain with conventional Reversed Phase Chromatography. Ion-Pairing Agents may be used to increase Retention, but these additives are not amenable to LCMS.

Other notable Herbicides include Diquat and Paraquat. These two compounds are permanently charged Cationic Amines and can be problematic in Separations. In this Extended AppNote, these compounds are analyzed with the Cogent Diamond Hydride 2.o™ Column.

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