We do not sell CE capillaries with a pre-made window for a few reasons; most importantly, the window is fragile often causing damage during shipping. In order to ensure quality capillaries are delivered to our customers, it is best that the end-user makes the window themselves.

Another reason we do not offer these capillaries with pre-made windows is that some users may require different lengths to detection for their methods. Without a pre-made window, the user can select where they want the window to be as well as how long the effective length of the capillary will be.

In the case of Simplus™ bare silica capillaries, it is easy to make windows of various lengths using our Window Maker™ and associated heating modules. The Controlled Flow and Zero Flow capillaries require a special procedure because the inner coating will be damaged if heat is used. The other way would be to manually scrape off the outer polymide coating with a sharp razor blade. However, this method is not suggested for inexperienced users since it is easy to break the capillary and is more tedious. If you do decide to scrape the polyimide one must be careful not to scratch the window area of the fused silica.

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