Analysis in Fruit and Vegetable Extracts

In this analysis of proprietary fruit & vegetable extracts, the presence of Cyanidin-3-O-Glucoside was confirmed in three out of four extracts. The peaks were Symmetrical and Retained beyond the dead volume. The Method after validation can be used to quality control of commercial fruit extracts as well in studies of bioactivities of this important class of compounds.

Cyanidin-3-O-Glucoside Chromatogram
Cyanidin-3-O-Glucoside Chemical Structure
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Method Conditions
Column: Cogent Phenyl Hydride™, 4μm, 100Å
Catalog No.: 69020-05P-2
Dimensions: 2.1 x 50mm
Mobile Phase:
A: DI Water with 0.1% Formic Acid (v/v)
B: Acetonitrile with 0.1% Formic Acid (v/v)

Time (minutes) %B
0 15
4 80
6 80
7 15

Post Time: 3 minutes
Injection vol.: 1μL
Flow rate: 0.4mL / minutes
Detection: ESI – POS – Perkin Elmer, Flexar SQ 300 Mass Spectrometer
Sample Preparation: Four proprietary fruit or vegetable extracts were analyzed. Samples were marked A1 to A4.
t0: 0.4 minutes

Note: Anthocyanins are present in fruits and vegetables. They are natural colorants (red color). Recent studies show that in addition to antioxidant properties they exhibit anticancer activity[1]. Also anthocyanins have benefits for the prevention of obesity and diabetes.

[1] Pei-Ni Chen, Shu-Chen Chu, Hui-Ling Chiou, Wu-Hsien Kuo, Chui-Liang Chiang, Yih-Shou Hsieh, Cancer Letters, Volume 235, Issue, 28 April 2006, Pages 248–259

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