Departments: Inside Sales, Outside Sales, and Marketing

1. Open up the account in SFDC.
2. Scroll down to the bottom to the Attachments section.
3. If there are enough Attachments on the account, you will be able to click the “Go to List” button. Click “Go to List”.
4. Sort the attachments alphabetically by clicking on the “Title” column. If the link was sent to you by Bill or someone else, it should take you directly to the end of step 4. In that case, skip steps 1 through 4.
5. Delete all attachments that have the following titles:
ACT Account ID
Contact Note
Import Date
Personal Email.
DO NOT delete “Notes and Activities”.
In order to delete, click “Del”. A pop-up will then appear that asks if you are sure you would like to delete. Click “OK” if you are sure. After clicking “OK” there is no way to get the attachment back, so be cautious. A tip for doing this quicker is to have your right hand on the mouse and your left hand on the enter key. Use you right hand to click “Del” with the mouse, and then use your left hand to then hit enter through the pop-up.

6. Once all of these are deleted, this will be saved automatically. Close out the window and move on to the next account.

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