Receipt History

1) Go to Purchase Order Module » Reports » Receipt History Report

2) Enter the Purchase Order number you would like to review the receipt history and click Accept.

The Receipt History Report provides a history of all receipts, invoices, and returns applied against a purchase order.

3) After you view the receipt history, a pop-up window you appear asking if you would like to clear the history. Click NO unless instructed otherwise by your supervisor. (You may either purge the receipt history at period end or retain it indefinitely. If you selected Summary Only at the Retain Receipt History field in the Purchase Order Options window, only summary receipt history information is retained)

The Receipt History Report is very useful in order to check whether an item has been received, the date it was received in the system, if it has been invoiced, returned, etc.

NOTE: If you don’t know the purchase order number for a particular item, but you would like to check the history of items received on a specific day, the report can also be run by date instead of by PO number.

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