We do not offer any specific SOP for packing columns in PEEK or stainless steel column hardware as every packing material or phase is different and needs to be treated and packed differently. This is outside the scope of our expertise and for a packing SOP, you should contact the supplier of your packing material for suggestions and/or methodology.

Below is a diagram of the column hardware and guidelines to follow when using the MicroSolv PEEK hardware to help you develop your packing method.

Guidelines for PEEK HPLC Column Using the Column Packing Features

  1. Close the column on one end including frit.
  2. Connect the column with the other end to one end of the slurry reservoir (incl. the packing rings, no frits).
  3. Place the column-reservoir assembly vertically.
  4. Fill the assembly with the slurry, close the top of the slurry reservoir quickly (again no frit) and start immediately packing.
  5. Please note not to exceed 300 bars.

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