As of August 4, 2013.

Consignment items are products or parts we sell that are sent to MicroSolv (the consignee) by a vendor (consignor) without billing us until they are sold. While these items are in the possession of and therefore the responsibility of MicroSolv, they belong to the vendor until we pay for it. These items are ordered under a special procedure by Purchasing.

For MAS90/Sage 100:
These consignment items are not processed as “Received” against a PO in MAS90/Sage 100 as other items in our warehousre are but are simply adjusted into inventory as a “Z” component in the Consignment warehouse (# 009) when they are physically received. This adjustment is only performed by an authorized person such as purchasing or order control and needs all paperwork from the vendor.

When the consignment item is sold by MicroSolv to a customer or when MicroSolv wants to convert an item from consignment to finished good, a colored dot is placed on the packing slip to notify the order control department that a consignment item has been sold and has to be properly processed including payment by our Accounts Payable department.

NOTE: Our main consignment vendor is Chemical Solutions.

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