Department: Inside Sales, Outside Sales and Shipping

Both FedEx and UPS Tracking information is located in MAS90/SAGE 100 for each invoice shipped. This information can be found in the Invoice History Inquiry which is located in the Accounts Receivable (AR) Module.

When a customer contacts us for Tracking information request information regarding their order. You should ask them for the Invoice # if available, PO# or Sales Order #. You will be able to search in the Invoice History Inquiry by all of these options. To search select the magnifier glass and select the appropriate search option by selecting one of the items in the drop down menu. In the example below the search is by Customer PO.

A custom look up view may need to be created in order to provide alternative searching options. Please see this IKBA for creating custom look ups.

Once the invoice for that shipment has been found select the Tracking Icon located in the middle of the screen.

Once you select this icon another window will display showing the Tracking Number. You can track this package by selecting the Package Tracking Icon displayed below. This will bring you to the iShip website where the detailed tracking information is provided.

Below is the tracking information from iShip.

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