Call Parking (HOW TO)

Before parking a call be sure to have the person’s name and telephone number in the event the call gets disconnected or dropped.

Parking A Call:
     Press “Park.” The system will audibly inform you where the call is parked and the first available park slot will change from green to red.

After announcing or if the call was announced to you via intercom be sure to disconnect by hitting cancel or hang up from the intercom conversation before picking up the parked call.  If neglected to do so the parked call is automatically transferred to the extension involved in the intercom communication which is against our policy.

Retrieving A Parked Call:
     A) Pick up the handset or depress the speaker phone button.
B) Press the “Slot” button for the call you want to retrieve. It will be illuminated RED. Pause for 1 second and introduce yourself (First and Last Name).


NOTE: Our policy is to park all incoming calls.  “Transferring” calls are not permitted under most circumstances.

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