Call Forwarding:

Initial Setup:
A) Press “FWD.”
B) When prompted with “Forward to:” enter the number you desire your calls to be forwarded to.
C) Press “Save.”
NOTE: The FWD icon will appear on the screen.

Forwarding To The Same Number: The system will retain the last number you entered. To forward to the same number, press “FWD.” The FWD icon will appear on the screen.

Changing The Forward To Number:
A) Press “Menu.”
B) Using the directionals, select “Features” then press “OK.”
C) Select “Call Forward”
D) Select “Always Forward.”
E) Using the directionals, scroll down to ‘Forward To:”
F) Using the “Del” key, delete the existing Forward To number.
G) Enter the new Forward To number.
H) Press “Save.”

Canceling Call Forward:
Press “FWD” while Call Forwarding is active.
The FWD icon will be removed from the screen.

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