ADMA can be retained using an ANP gradient method with the Cogent Diamond Hydride™ HPLC column. Retention times for ADMA differed only slightly between the 4um and 2.o™ stationary phases. Efficiency however was notably higher when using the 2.o™ phase. This can be readily observed from the greater peak height using the 2.o™ column in the chromatogram overlay comparison shown below:

The method conditions used were as follows:
Column dimensions: 2.1 x 50mm (both)
Flow rate: 0.3mL/min
A: DI H2O + 0.1% formic acid
B: Acetonitrile + 0.1% formic acid

time (min)    %B
0                  90
5                  30
8                  30
10                90
post time 4 min

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