MicroSolv will be putting a new policy in place related to your job requirements. Accuracy is fundamental to your job and it is your responsibility to learn your job well enough not to make simple repeated mistakes. We know that everyone makes mistakes but as a company, we must demand excellence in every job and every employee.

As accuracy is fundamental and eliminating errors that cost money and/or degrade the customer experience, our new policy is as follows:

The first time a mistake is found: We will advise you of the mistake and expect that you will learn why the mistake was made and eliminate that cause.

Second time same Mistake Found: You will be advised and Warned

Third time same Mistake: You will no longer perform this job function for 5 business days. It will be incumbent upon you to show me that you will not make that same mistake again before you can be returned to that function. Being taken off a job function puts a hardship and burden on everyone else around you and is considered very undesirable.

If the same mistakes continue after the job function has been given back to you that job function will be taken away permanently.

To be clear if you catch your mistake before it is handed off it does not count as a mistake. It is our responsibility to check ourselves and not rush through our work. It takes more time to fix, correct and research mistakes than it does taking a moment to check your work. As a policy reminder, if you cannot get work done in a given work day, you must let me know by 3:30PM that you are not able to complete the work. We will reattribute the work as a team and help you get it done.

Remember we must strive to reduce DOTWIMP.

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