Yes, the MicroSolv HSQ Kit™ is supplied with a 5um particle size HPLC column that can be used to qualify a UHPLC instrument; you do not need a 2um particle size in a UHPLC column.

Many qualification parameters are detector related such as absorbance linearity, wavelength accuracy, etc. Column related aspects are not involved in the calculations.

PLEASE NOTE: Calculation of system parameters such as extra column dispersion may involve measurements of column related values such as efficiency but these values are relative to each other. For example, the earlier a peak elutes, the greater the extra column dispersion is relative to the peak volume itself.  In an ideal system, all peaks would have about the same efficiency, so as soon as you see a trend of early peaks having lower efficiency, leading up to a constant efficiency with later eluting peaks, it is due to extra column dispersion. So it doesn’t matter whether a 4um or 2um particle size column is used to determine the extra column dispersion value.

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