The following two items are compatible with Solid Phase Micro-Extraction (SPME):

Catalog # 95020-45S-T: Magnetic Screw Cap for Headspace. Silver, 8mm Center Hole, Silicone Transparent Blue/PTFE White, 45 Shore A, 1.3mm Thick. Precision Threads. 100/PK.
Catalog # 95010-0CV: Vials, head space, 10ml, 46 x 22.5mm, screw top, clear borosilicate glass, round bottom. CTC Compliant. Precision threads 100/PK.

However, the following caps are especially suited for SPME work: Catalog # 95020-21S-T: Caps, magnetic screw, for Head Space. Silver 8mm center hole with a pre slit (star shape) white silicone rubber / red PTFE septa, 55 shore A, 1.5mm thick. 18mm precision threads. 100/PK.

Compatibility with specific manufacturers’ autosampler instrumentation is as follows:

Agilent G1888A
Agilent/CTC Leap Combi Pal
CTC Combi Pal HS Mode
Gerstel/Varian MPS 2
CTC Combi Pal SPME Mode
Turbomax HS16
Turbomax HS40/40Xl
Turbomax HS40/Trap
Turbomax HS110 HS110/Trap
Shimadzu AOC 5000 HS
Shimadzu AOC 5000 SPME

Ordering information for Headspace Vials and Caps