Separation of Related Compounds

Gentian Violet degrades in solution, forming complex set of Degradation products. This Method can easily separate out the various compounds formed in Solution.

The figure below shows a USP Standard of Gentian Violet after stressing it in solution thus creating Degradation products. With excellent Selectivity well as great Peak shape this Method is Robust and easy to perform.

1. Degradation Products
2. Gentian Violet

Method Conditions
Column: Cogent HPS Cyano™, 5μm, 120Å
Catalog No.: 75025-15P
Dimensions: 4.6 x 150mm
Mobile Phase:
A: 10% Acetonitrile / 90% 10mM NH4H2PO4
B: 70% Acetonitrile / 30% 10mM NH4H2PO4

Time (minutes) %B
0 0
15 100

Temperature: 25°C
Injection vol.: 20μL
Flow rate: 1.5mL / minute
Detection: UV @ 588nm
Solubility: Water and Chloroform. Gentian Violet is insoluble in either.

Notes: Gentian Violet is an antifungal agent, staining agent (gram stain test), topical ointment for burns and for finger printing. This product does not require a prescription but is not easily found in most drug stores. Typically it is prepared as a weak solution (0.1%) in water and is painted on skin and gums to fight off fungal infections. Gentian Violet has many uses and is also known as Andergon, Anailine Violet, Brilliant Violet 58, Meroxylan, Methyl Violet 10BNS, Vianin and others. Gentian Violet refers to is color and is not made from gentians.


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