INTERNAL ONLY. This information is outdated and needs to be updated. Jan 11 2021 WC

Cogent™ HPLC Columns are made with state of the art, Column Hardware. The Frits are Stainless Steel inserted in a high quality PEEK cap device and positioned onto the column during manufacturing.
For analyses that require temperatures greater than stated specifications of the columns, PEEK frit cap devices are not recommended as they are a high temperature (over 80°C) “failure point”.   All Cogent 2.1 and 4.6 analytical TYPE-C™ columns can be manufactured by Custom order with all stainless steel frits and without PEEK cap devices. These columns are not kept in stock.

For a small additional charge to normal column price, this high pressure, high temperature capable hardware can be requested with any Cogent TYPE-C™ stationary phase. Please contact our customer service department or visit our Cogent HPLC Columns website for pricing.

Note that the hardware change alone does not make these columns UHPLC compatible.
The upper temperature limit of TYPE-C™ phases with the high temperature hardware have not been established although customers have used these columns at 100°C without issue.

Cogent TYPE-C Column Specifications

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