Excellent Peak Shape and Resolution

This Method is easy to prepare, use and reproduce. Good Peak shape and Resolution is observed for Simvastatin from its hydrolysis products and tablet Excipients.

1. Excipient
2. Hydrolysis Product
3. Simvastatin

Method Conditions
Column: Cogent Bidentate C18™, 4μm, 100Å
Catalog No.: 40018-75P
Dimensions: 4.6 x 75mm
Mobile Phase: 52% DI Water / 60% Acetonitrile / 10mM Sodium Phosphate
Temperature: 30°C
Flow rate: 1.5mL / minute
Detection: UV @ 238nm
Injection vol.: 10μL

Notes: Simvastatin is marketed under the trade names Zocor, Simvastatin, Simlup, Simcard and others. It is a hypolipidemic drug belonging to the class of pharmaceuticals called “statins”. It is used to control hypercholesterolemia (elevated cholesterol levels) and to prevent cardiovascular disease. Simvastatin is a synthetic derivate of a fermentation product of Aspergillus Terreus.


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