The warranty period for the MicroSolv Vial Centrifuge™ is for two years from the date of shipping.

The MicroSolv Vial Centrifuge undergoes thorough testing and quality control during and after manufacturing. In the unlikely event of a manufacturing defect, our 2-year warranty (from the date of shipment) covers the centrifuge and the rotor.

NOTE: This warranty becomes invalid in the case of incorrect operation, use of nonstandard spare parts or accessories and unauthorized modification of the rotor or centrifuge.

For out-of-warranty repair, you would be issued an RMA number from MicroSolv Customer Service and emailed the form to return the unit for possible servicing. The service required would be evaluated you will be notified of the costs of labor and parts, if required. The customer would then have to approve the work before we would proceed. Once confirmed we would complete the repair using the recommended parts, and then send an invoice for the parts, labor ($110.00/hour), and estimated return shipping costs (if you don’t want to arrange shipment on your end). Once paid we will reutrn the unit back to you.

In summary, for out-of-warranty repair, the customer is responsible for payment for shipments, parts and labor.

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