Yes, if you are wiling to introduce methanol into your method.

For a 25mm syringe filter device; if you use 15-20mls of methanol as a blank filtrate, the membrane will give you less back pressure after that for aqueous samples. This “conversion” is due to “wetting” the membrane with methanol allowing more aqueous solvents to pass through it with less back pressure. However, depending on your detection, you may see some methanol in your results.

However, MicroSolv offers a hydrophilic PTFE syringe filter. This filter has a treated PTFE with minimal amounts of surfactant that is in very low trace amounts, making it hydrophilic. Unlike competitive brands that use a large amount of surfactant that can escape the filter and be adsorbed by your HPLC column reducing its useful lifetime. Click HERE for ordering information and pictures of the hydrophilic PTFE syringe filter. 

Click HERE for AQ™ syringe filter ordering information and pictures.


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