Assembly instructions for the Direct Adaptive Di-Ad™ HPLC column connectors

    1. Push the Direct Adaptive (Di-Ad) connector into port while you feel a push back from the spring in the fitting, until you can engage its threads with the threads of the port.
    2. Turn fitting clockwise until it is fully seated and finger tighten. No need to over tighten.
    3. Repeat steps 1 & 2 on the double ended connectors.
    4. For single ended models, be certain to make a zero dead volume connection on the opposite end of the tubing.
    5. It is recommended to use 1/16th stainless steel fittings and ferrules on the opposite end of the single ended connectors.

The Di-Ad™ HPLC column connectors are designed to provide universal connection to any column manufacturer’s 1/16th 10-32 port. Maximum pressure, 10,000 psi.

Click HERE to view a short instructional video on YouTube.